Langer Dental Hygiene İnstruments

Langer Curettes – Advanced Instrumentation for the General …

The Langer Curettes were designed to take the shank designs of the Gracey Curettes and combine them with the universal blade, thus allowing utilization of …

What Is the Advantage of Using a Langer Curette?

Langer Curettes are excellent for periodontal surgery, as well as scaling and debridement. All Langer curette designs make it possible to scale both mesial and …

Langer 3/4 – LM-Dental

Designed for the removal of moderate to heavy calculus from all supra- and subgingival tooth surfaces. For premolars and molars in the upper jaw. Langer …

Langer 3/4

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3/4 Langer Curette | SL3/4C8 – Hu-Friedy

3/4 Langer Curette for maxillary posterior.

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